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too much

Everyone says life is no bed of roses. They all say it. They say it all the time. So often that we’ve forgotten who said it first. Maybe it doesn’t matter who said it. If everyone agrees then it must be true.

Here’s what I think.

The ‘I’ had to come somewhere right. I re-watched part of Princess Diaries when it played on Star Movies last week. I watch trash. The part where pretty Anne Hathaway goes – “And then I thought about how many stupid times a day I use the word ‘I’.”

For unfathomable reasons, that line made me feel guilty. But where you’re at is my blog. So I am allowed to say I. Guilt thus suppressed I will continue. Yes, I.

Going back, I’ve been thinking about ‘life’. Funskool made a load of cash by making us play a game by that name. Robert Benigni thinks life is beautiful. The Mintrox ad folks have you believe it ‘eej hard’. They say here after any disaster, natural or otherwise, that life has to go on.

Now this life is taking me to a juncture where a decision will have to be made. It is not going to be an easy one and I’d like to buy time. Time is fast running out though. Because life is no bed of roses.

But who cares for flowers? Not me. I’ll just run headlong into this decision when the moment comes. I never liked roses.


2 responses

  1. Life is just like that?? It ain’t a bed of roses, but it’s a bush of leaves.. You get lost and u don’t know which leafy land you’re lost in.
    I agree with you.. I wish even i could buy time. If only H.G Wells had built a time machine and not written a book about it..

    February 3, 2010 at 6:52 pm

  2. very poetic

    February 4, 2010 at 4:25 pm

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